See the Unseen

Veterinary Thermal Imaging

Veterinary patients are not able to show or tell you where their problems are.
Digatherm® thermal imaging system solves that problem by letting you see
the unseen and listen to what patients cannot tell you.


What is Veterinary Thermal Imaging?

Veterinary Thermography – Unique Patient Evaluation

Veterinary thermal imaging uses a camera to measure a patient’s body surface temperatures.  This veterinary-specific software converts the temperatures into images that help evaluate physiology.  Thermal images use colors to represent the body’s surface temperatures of the animal. This provides a physiological map of the patient and allows veterinarians to see the unseen. 

Digatherm® makes reading and interpreting thermal images easy.  Colors clearly represent and correlate with temperatures on the thermal image. Because of this, clinicians can easily identify areas of increased or decreased temperatures.  Thermal imaging for animals helps pinpoint where problems are and knowing where to look further. 


Medical-grade accuracy


The pioneer in veterinary thermography


Appropriate for every type of veterinary practice


Comprehensive and individualized training

How does  Digatherm® benefit a veterinary practice?

Veterinary patients cannot talk.  Non-invasive thermal imaging cameras for animals provide a physiological picture. This image of the patient speaks for them. Many patients have thermal abnormalities before an owner or clinician notices a change.  Thermal images assist diagnosis and treatment early in the disease process.  Follow-up images allow for objective monitoring of any therapeutic plan. They also create a roadmap to target treatments.

Clients love these images because it allows them to visualize the issues. The pictures give a clear understanding of the difference between normal and abnormal. Utilizing this tool also promotes compliance with diagnostic and treatment recommendations. 

Non-invasive thermal images are simple to obtain.  Veterinary staff members easily take the images without patient sedation or restraint. Digatherm® software makes it straightforward for doctors to interpret and share findings, save reports in the patient record, and streamline communications with owners.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging for All Practices

Companion Animal
Mixed Animal
Avian / Exotic / Zoo / Laboratory Animal
Rehabilitation Specialty
Food Animal
Research / Education

Digatherm® Thermal Imaging Systems

Learn more about Digatherm by ICI's veterinary tools and technology.

IR Pad 640

Our award-winning IR Pad 640 provides medical-grade resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity to the veterinary market. Veterinary specific software and calibration provide high-quality thermal images that are easily interpreted.

IR Pad 320

Our IR Pad 320 is easy to use in any veterinary practice. The handheld tablet allows vets to quickly visualize and document changes in a patient's physiological state in real-time.
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