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Thermal imaging helps veterinary professionals
evaluate their patients' physiology quickly and easily
o create more efficient treatment plans sooner

Thermal Imaging Helps Make Proactive Medicine Practical

Routinely using thermal imaging provides a simple, easy solution to practicing proactive medicine. By integrating this screening tool into your wellness, lameness, and recheck visits, you can decrease the time you spend searching for problem areas, detect issues earlier, deliver more targeted treatments, and delight clients with visual treatment progress updates.

How does thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging uses a highly sensitive infrared camera to measure, compile, and analyze the electromagnetic energy emitted from a patient. 

Veterinary-specific software converts the temperatures into images where these thermal emissions can be easily visualized. Temperature data directly correlates to changes within the circulatory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems. 

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Digatherm® Thermal Imaging Systems

Learn more about Digatherm's veterinary tools and technology

IR Pad 640

Our award-winning IR Pad 640 provides medical-grade resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity to the veterinary market. Veterinary specific software and calibration provide high-quality thermal images that are easily interpreted.

IR Pad 320

Our IR Pad 320 is easy to use in any veterinary practice. The handheld tablet allows vets to quickly visualize and document changes in a patient's physiological state in real-time.
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